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Tourists from Canada
Hello! I’m Yuki☆
I am still a trainee of Nara student guide.
I’m going to write about my first training guide.
I prepared much time for the day. I was very nerves but work hard to do my best.

I was hunting Canadian brothers in front of Kofukuji temple.
We went to Kohukuji-temple, Yoshiki-garden and Todaiji-temple.
It was so hot, we ate ice cream and shaved ice. We had a great time.

I think I couldn’t guide well, but they listened my explanation warmly.
I thought that want to be a good guide strongly. I’ll never forget this day.

Thank you.
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Touists from UK
Hi! I'm Mika.
Now it's really hot in Nara and the best season for "kakigōri"( shaved ice topped with flavored syrup) is here. There are many famous " kakigōri" shops in Nara so why don't you visit Nara and try "kakigōri"?

I'm writing about my recent guide.
I guided a couple from UK. We visited Kofukuji-temple, Todaiji-temple, Kasuga-shrine and Naramachi.
After that we went to a café and ate "deer parfait" that a parfait is topped with a deer shaped cookie. We enjoyed talking and Nara's sweets.
I had a great time with them and I hope we'll see each other again in Japan or Britain!

Thank you.

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Tourists from America
I got sweat while walking and needed much water, and also shaven ice was great! I think I got tanned:D

Konnichiwa, I'm Ayako.
Today I guided two good couples from the USA to Kofukuji Temple,Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Grand Shrine.

They have been friends since they met in an university.
I think it must be very fun to travel with both friends and partners.

They told me not only funny points of the US, but also the current situations on politics, society, problems which happens now. It was very interesting to hear that from them, not from a news on TV.
Guiding tourists enables me to hear their REAL voice about the world's news we see in the mass media.

I had a fun time with them even if it was very hot day:)

Thank you so much,have a safe trip!
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Tourists from India

I am Hiroki, this is my first post.

Today I guided for tourists from India. We went to Toudaiji temple and Kasuga shrine. They didn't have plenty time to travel around Nara park, but we had great time to enjoy in both of them. And then they left Nara and went to Osaka. I really wanted to go there and enjoy together.

I was very happy to be said "Thank you" when I finished guiding. I will make efforts to give much nicer hospitality to tourists.

Thank you for reading(^--^)




 ガイド終わりに、「ありがとう」と言ってもらえると、やはり嬉しいですね! もっとツーリストさんに楽しんでもらえるよう、努力していきます。


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Tourists from Hawaii

I am Katsuya.

This month, I guided the people who came from Hawaii and America.
The person who came from Hawaii had stayed in Japan for 5~7 years, so he could speak Japanese well! But his cousin, from America, had never come to Japan and also could not speak Japanese. So he took him to Japan this time!
At that day, I took them to a lot of places, Kofukuji temple, Nara prefecture hall, Yoshiki garden, Todaiji temple, Nigatsu-do, Kasuga grand shrine, Naramachi museum, and Harushika!
After we tasted the Japanese Sake at Harushika, he impressed me by getting 3 bottles of sake at there. I had never see anyone buy more than one!!
Anyway, this guide was really fun and informative for me!

I am really looking forward to seeing them next time :-)

Thank you for reading,
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