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Fawns in Nara
Hi I'm Yumiko.

I guided an Australian couple today.
We're in rainy season, but we can see the great things in this season!
They are FAWNS!
They are protected in Roku-en which is located in Nara Park, because mothers tend to be aggresive after the birth.
Babies are really cute and we can see such small ones only from the beginning of June to July.

I hope the tourists who I guided today enjoyed one of the attraction in Nara :)




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Tourist from Indonesia!
Hi! I'm Naoka.
This is the first post for me.
I finished my last training a week ago. Today, I'm going to write about it.

I guided a woman from indonesia. We went to Todaiji-temple, Kofukuji-temple and Kasuga grand shrine. She lives in Sydney now, so she told me about Sydney and Indonesia. At last, we experienced making matcha at a cafe in Naramachi. I enjoyed the time with her very much:-)

はじめまして! なおかです。

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Students from Singapore!!

Hi,I'm Ayako.
It was such a beautiful day! There were so many school trip students especially in Todaiji-Temple...
This season, Nara is full of green ^-^

Today I guided a group of students from Singapore to Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine,Ukimido Gazebo.
They belong to Japanese Appreciation Club in an university in Singapore.
They are good at speaking Japanese,they know even casual young words such as チャラい(Charai), イケメン(ikemen) and リア充(Riaju). It was funny to hear these words from them.
Actually I guided the same club's members last year,so it was really fun to talk about mutual friends with them.

Thank you so much for sharing time with me, hope to see you again in Singapore.
Take care and have fun during this Japan trip!
ありがとう お気を付けて!


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tourists from Israel
Hi! I'm Kaho. This is my first post.
These days, it is a nice and warm day so I feel good and refreshed during a guide.

Today I guided a couple from Israel to Kofukuji, Todaiji and Kasuga Taisha shurine.
They came to Japan as a honeymoon. I was glad to be together with them on a day of honeymoon.

They are working at university for the research about East Asian history and culture. And they spoke Japanese well. We enjoyed teaching language each other while walking.

They took a lot of photo with me, so I'm looking forward to receiving an email with photo!!!


ハネムーンだそうです( ^^) ハネムーンの貴重な一日を一緒に過ごせるのは、なんかうれしいです。


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My recommendation in Nara
Hi! I'm Yoko.

I recently came back from America and restarted this guide volunteer.
I was in Seattle, WA for a year, so now I feel like I'm a tourist too when I guide tourists in Nara. Things have changed and new things are coming up in Nara . The most impressive thing for me was Nigiwaino-ie, a traditional house where you can experience the life in old Nara. I highly recommend it! It's free to get inside of it.

Actually, I have another recommendation for you! That is an owl cafe near Kintetsu Nara station. You might know we have cat cafes in Japan, but now owl cafes are getting famous (I guess). You can pat owls' heads. If you get tired of deer in Nara, how about going to this cafe lol?

Nara has a lot of interesting things like above two. We, Nara Student Guide can help you have special experiences in Nara. Why don't you go around Nara with us?

See you soon. :)
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